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Put the Plump back! 50% off first treatment!

Wrinkles around the mouth and eyes can make you look much older than you are and fillers will decrease the appearance of these folds in the face to make you look younger and more youthful.

Here in our Fort Lauderdale clinic, one of the most popular types of fillers we use is Sculptra Aesthetic.  This is a filler that actually stimulates your body’s natural collagen production which means give a more natural result.  By simulating your body’s own natural Collagen and bone, Sculptra gives a fuller and smoother look to your skin as well as additional volume in areas of injection.

Fillers are a great way to boost the way you look and feel.  If you are concerned about the aging process, fillers are a great way to feel more confident and radiant.

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    What Patients Say About Us

    I find Dr Chaplik and his staff to be one the best medical teams I have had contact since moving to South Florida. They are both professional and personable. They make you feel like part of the family. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of dermatology services!

    Bill Lee

    As a regular patient of Dr Chaplik’s, I’ve come to rely on him, not just for his expertise, but also for his honesty and integrity. I’ve found him to be meticulous in every aspect of his practice. From his punctuality and spotless office, to his consideration of my thoughts and input, on to his kind and attentive care. I am completely at ease in trusting his judgment and decisions made towards me as his patient. That feeling of comfort and security is irreplaceable. It is a reflection of his character.

    JEROME Cassizzi