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Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is the most effective technique for surgical removal of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers. This procedure is gold standard for skin cancer surgery of aesthetically or functionally sensitive areas of the body, with cure rates of 95% and above.

Dr. Chaplik specializes in Mohs surgery which applies his training and ability to to microscopically examine surgically excised tissue of pathologically confirmed skin cancers. The cancer cells are identified and removed, sparing as much normal tissue as possible. This is performed in stages, to determine the extent and presence of tumor cells. Appropriate and sparing layers of tissue are delicately removed and microscopically evaluated from the margin where the cancer cells were initially located. The surgery is complete when the margins are finally clear of cancer. The result is an optimal cosmetic and therapeutic outcome for each patient.

Mohs‘ micrographic surgery is a unique surgical technique to remove aggressive and cosmetically sensitive skin cancers mainly of the head and neck.  One unique aspect of this technique is that the surgeon that removes the skin cancer is also the one who looks under the microscope to ensure that the cancer is gone.

Once the specimen is removed and a fozen section made.  In our lab, meticulous frozen section preparation and analysis is the most crucial factor in achieving a high cure rate. Over the last 10 years,  Dr Chaplik has refined his  histochemical technique and always strives for he highest standard of quality control.   A map of the skin is made and Dr Chaplik follows this map to remove any remaining skin cancer, only focusing on the area affecteda nd leavinf behind all normal skin.  When the surgeon removing the cancer is also the doctor to process the specimen and look  under the microscope, there is less room for error and the cure rate becomes very high.

Another unique characteristic of this technique is that the specimen is analyzed in a special way.  100% of the tissue is analyzed by flattening it and flipping it upside down before proocessing.   No other cancer treatment is amenable to this pathology test, and no other cancer treatments come near the 95-99% cure rate that Mohs surgery affords.

After the cancer is cured,  Dr Chaplik also reconstructs 99% of the defects created by the cancer removal.   We find it crucial to not only cure cancer with a high level of efficiency and precision ,but also be able to leave no trace of that work. Although well known for his beautiful reconstructions, our Mohs surgeon also works very closely with Plastic Surgeons, Occuloplastic Surgeons, and Radiation Oncologists in the community to provide each patient with the best possible outcome.  He even visits most of them to watch amd learn from the most complex reconstructions.

Aesthetix Skin and Surgery Center is a well rounded dermatology pratice with a focus on sin cancer and also aesthetic surgery.  We find that being experinced and well trained in the  Mohs procdures gives us the unique oportunity to also provide effective alternatives to Mohs.  We believe  that it takes a Mohs surgeon to be able to recomend when Mohs is not tthe only option. We pride ourselves in having multiple modailities and techniques to be able to offer an alternative to surgery.  However, if surgery is the needed we are confident that you are in the right place