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Sculptra & Radiesse



As we get older, through our 50s, 60s and beyond, our face begins to age in characteristic ways.  In the top layers of our skin we lose collagen and elastin and the skin becomes more wrinkled and discolored.  The deeper layers of the face which include fat, muscle, and bone also change. These deeper structures are the scaffolding that hold our skin up. When this scaffolding starts to disappear, the skin above it drops and becomes more lax and jowly.  Volumizers like Sculptra and Radiesse are types of products which are injected under the skin to plump up and restore some of the scaffolding that is lost.

The two main volumizers that Dr. Chaplik uses are Sculptra and Radiesse.  Dr. Chaplik has developed a unique technique over his years in practice in Fort Lauderdale using Sculptra in such a manner as to volumize the face.   His technique focuses on restoring the “scaffolding” to mimic and replace the bone and fat lost through the natural aging process with collagen stimulating volume from Poly-L-Lactic Acid, also known as Sculptra.  The amazing thing about PLLA is that it stimulates your skin’s natural collagen production and integrates into these supportive tissues, for a natural fill that becomes your own, gradually, over time. This pan facial filling technique leaves no area unaddressed and is a more advanced, yet very rewarding, technique.  Similarly, Dr. Chaplik uses Radiesse to shape the jaw, cheeks, and the area between the nose and lips to recreate the signs of beauty and youth.

As an expert, Dr. Chaplik was asked to describe the differences between the two volumizers in New Beauty Magazine.

Zero Downtime

Volumizers invlove almost zero downtime and patients can go back to their daily schedule after few hours.

minimal Procedure

Volumizers allow for minor changes to your look. Ensuring that you don’t alter your look too much after procedure.

Instant Results

Volumizers provide instant benefit to the skin.  They fill in hollows, soften wrinkles and skin flaws such as acne scars, and add volume and lift where needed.

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    What Patients Say About Us

    I find Dr Chaplik and his staff to be one the best medical teams I have had contact since moving to South Florida. They are both professional and personable. They make you feel like part of the family. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of dermatology services!

    Bill Lee

    As a regular patient of Dr Chaplik’s, I’ve come to rely on him, not just for his expertise, but also for his honesty and integrity. I’ve found him to be meticulous in every aspect of his practice. From his punctuality and spotless office, to his consideration of my thoughts and input, on to his kind and attentive care. I am completely at ease in trusting his judgment and decisions made towards me as his patient. That feeling of comfort and security is irreplaceable. It is a reflection of his character.

    JEROME Cassizzi