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Tag: skin condition

Skin Rescue: The Deal With Dry Skin

Everyone has either had or will develop dry skin at least once in their lives. This is one of the most common conditions I see in clinical practice next to psoriasis, skin cancers, and acne / rosacea. The Forecast looks dry… In most cases dry skin occurs as a result of our environment, genetics, health status, and even aging. (The last two conditions relate more to dehydrated skin which we will address in a later blog post as the two conditions are, in fact, different.) Harsh soaps, chemicals, hand sanitizers, and even perfume and fragrance (due to alcohol and common…

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When Fungus Just Isn’t Fun

Did you know ? We ALL have yeast living on our skin. Yes, yeast – as in, fungus… Living… on our skin… You might think this sounds repulsive, and if that’s the case, you’d be surprised to learn that it’’s actually part of our natural AND HEALTHY  flora.  The native yeasts of the skin are actually HELPFUL and HEALTHFUL in the skin’s immune response and wound repair. On a larger scale, the right amount of these fungi help your body’s immune system do its job. However, too much of a good thing, isn’t always a good thing… Just like too…

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