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Skin Rescue: The Deal With Dry Skin

Everyone has either had or will develop dry skin at least once in their lives. This is one of the most common conditions I see in clinical practice next to psoriasis, skin cancers, and acne / rosacea. The Forecast looks dry… In most cases dry skin occurs as a result of our environment, genetics, health status, and even aging. (The last two conditions relate more to dehydrated skin which we will address in a later blog post as the two conditions are, in fact, different.) Harsh soaps, chemicals, hand sanitizers, and even perfume and fragrance (due to alcohol and common…

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Acne’s Most Wanted: Coconut Alkanes

Researched & Written by Nicole Gentile, MMS, PA-C Founder of Elemental Healing Solutions “If It’s Natural, It must be safe…” True or False? What Are Coconut Alkanes? Alkanes are a chemistry term for paraffins.  You are probably more familiar with paraffins in terms of their association with waxes, but they are also a group of compounds used as solvents, fats, and even natural gases.   Coconut Alkanes are basically naturally-derived paraffins which are commonly used as an emollient (product which softens and hydrates the skin) in skin care formulations, or even on their own. They are virtually synonymous with coconut oil,…

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