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Body Shaping

Meet Your Second Brain

By now, many of us are aware that we have a “second brain”.  For the rest of us shyly scratching our heads, it’s okay – it’s not something anatomists openly talk about.  Until now.   The second brain has been danced around for centuries; however, recent (the last 50 years) research is finally shining the light more confidently in it’s direction.  It’s finally not only  “safe” to talk about, but it’s changing body-mind medicine, and in turn:  Lives.   Now that we’ve established that it’s safe to talk about, let’s give it a name: “The Enteric Nervous System.”   If…

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EMSculpt Level Up Giveaway

Want to lift, tone, tighten & sculpt your body? When eating healthy and going to the gym are enough to keep you cardiovascularly fit, but you want to look as good as you feel, there are a number of devices on the market to help you level up.  This is why we want you to get to know EMSculpt.  We are so excited about our patient’s results that we are cutting the cost of your treatment in half.  This means, if you buy a package of 4 EMSculpt sessions, you get two maintenance sessions FOR FREE.* EMSculpt Works. And This…

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EMSCULPT – Available in Fort Lauderdale

The only non-invasive procedure to build muscle and burn fat. What is EMSCULPT? EMSCULPT is a revolutionary new body sculpting procedure that lifts and tones without the use of surgery. In fact, the process is completely non-invasive. By building muscle and reducing unwanted fat at the same time, patients who choose this treatment can enjoy a noticeably more defined abdomen AND BUTTOCKS. Despite our best efforts, we can’t always contour our bodies the way we would like with diet and exercise alone. This is especially true when it comes to the stomach area, which is prone to fat buildup and…

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