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The Skin Signs of Covid-19

Your skin is your first line defense system.  The barrier between you and your external environment is known to have a slightly acidic pH, host a variety of normal, even protective microbial life, possess waterproofing qualities and protection from environmental exposures, regulate body temperature, and respond to external stimulation.  But did you know that your skin can also share clues about your internal status?  Dermatologists are able to suspect and workup endocrine (hormonal) disorders such as Diabetes, Adrenal Tumors, or thyroid dysfunction. They can also recognize specific warning signs encoded in the skin that signal autoimmune imbalance, certain kinds of…

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COVID-19 Information

We have reopened our office to all patients.  As we navigate through novel and untested times, we have all been challenged to adapt, connect, and to thrive.  The best we can do as a people is to continue to be positive, considerate, and empowered by knowledge.  Today we know more than ever about our enemy and we will be able to use that knowledge to our advantage. The doctors and staff at Aesthetix Skin and Surgery Center have been closely following the recommendations of the CDC, the governor, and our various medical associations.  According to those guidelines we are expanding…

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The Immune Advantage

As an Integrative Dermatologic and Wellness Practice, our Aesthetix Providers remain up-to-date through evidence based research and clinical studies.  During this time of pandemic, in which our global community is adjusting to a novel virus and new information and trends evolve, it is incredibly clear that a strengthened immune system typically correlates to a more positive outcome.  Dr. Igor Chaplik recommends supplements to boost your immune system for it’s fight against COVID-19. Aside from physical distancing, hand washing, and other outwardly effective preventative steps we can take to protect ourselves and others, we recommend a few lesser known supplements in…

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